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TV-Lite is a IPTV viewer, with Sopcast and Acestream handling capabilities. It uses the well known VLC for displaying media. We also plan to add MPV as media player in the future. This program currently runs on Linux and Windows operating systems,

TV-Lite wants to be a replacement for the older TV-Maxe. It does not have all the features that TV-Maxe offers. It uses the same principle of "subscriptions" and  uses the same playlist format TV-Maxe uses.  Apart from that, it can handle the ubiquitous M3U format used for many IPTV playlists. It aims to streamline a bit the behavior of TV-Maxe in respect to subscriptions. The subscriptions can be downloaded and saved as local playlists, that can be edited and new channels can be added, or the existent channels can be edited.

The subscriptions can only be updated, of course,  but copies of them can be always saved locally, and modified as stated above.

You have to install Acestream and, optionally Sopcast, for this program to be able to handle the respective stream types. Acestream offers a snap pakage, which is easy to find for Ubuntu and other Linux distros with Snap support. Sopcast is currently harder to install, as it seems that is no longer maintained for Linux. It is offered as a 32 bit binary only, and requires libstdc++5 to run.

New TV-Lite release 0.6.7

05/15/22 13:08:11

The time has finally come for the May release. This is mainly a GUI bugfix release, but I've introduced a new feature also. The Mini Window 

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TV-Lite New Release 0.6.6

04/11/22 22:25:48

A month has passed since the previous release. It's time for a new one.
This one has only one big improvement. It's about the speed of the M3U list parsing.

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TV-Lite New Release 0.6.5

03/09/22 21:22:11 was a project that was born and evolved at the same time with the pandemic. The first releases were issued in the spring of 2020. Now, the pandemic has officialy ended, at least in my country. To celebrate this, I thought a new release would come handy. 

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