01/30/21 20:52:50

My own, unofficial VLC package for Arch/Manjaro

Update September 30 2021 Removed 3.0.16 as it is the same with the official one... Must stick to this 3.0.12

Update August 1 2021: I rebuilt the VLC 3.0.16 package, but kept 3.0.12 also

I decided to build my very own VLC package for Manjaro. The official package has disabled the use of gcrypt library for some reason. Thus, many encrypted HLS streams can not by played. 

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Link to this package 


VLC 3.0.12

This is neither an official buld, nor endorsed by Arch/Manjaro. I am not responsible for any damage to your computer. Use it at your own risk! 

Download this package in a folder at your convenience. Open a terminal, go to that folder, and type:

sudo pacman -U vlc-3.0.12-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

If you do not like the command line, use pamac  and the "Install local packages" option in Pamac's menu.