12/26/20 19:48:09

Github project: Free and "legal" IPTV channels list

I must confess I stumbled across this list, while trying the new IPTV app, called "Hypnotix", that I understand, will be included by default in Linux Mint.  This list is the output of a Github project called "Free-IPTV".

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It includes over 2000 free to view IPTV channels from several dozens of countries. If I understand correctly, it has been forked a few times, and lately it has seen a lot of activity in maintaining it.

The lists for every country can be retrieved separately, but there are also URLs from where you can download the entire list. To use it, go to TVLite menu and select "Manage subscriptions". In the window that appears, press the "New" button and paste one of the following address:




Press the "OK" button and  wait a few seconds until the list is downloaded and parsed. After that, press the "Close" button in the subscription list window, too. You will find the new list in the channel window on the left. You may need to select it in the "Channel list" drop-down control, first. 

I think this list should be the default one in TV-Lite. What do you think?