11/29/20 11:54:55

New addition in 0.3.0. The "Preferences" dialog

Starting with the 0.3.0 version, a new "Preferences" dialog box was introduced. We selected a few things that, in our opinion,  really need to be configured manually.. This is a brief description of each item you may set in the respective dialog

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The first tab is the "General" tab. Here you can set the path where the recorded files are saved, and the port on which TV-Lite streams the current video to some other devices. The recording path can be set interactively by presiing the  "..." (three dots) button. This will open the folder chooser window. The port number can be anything between 1024 and 65535

These features were introduced back in 0.1.8. Streaming or recording the next video to be played can be chosen by pressing the "record" button, only when the player is stopped.


The "VLC" tab allows setting the video hardware acceleration. "None" means the hardware acceleration will be disabled. "Any" will let libVLC decide what to use. "Custom" allows entering a certain method in the "Custom HW acceleration string" text box.


To find out what HW accel types VLC can use, type the following command in the terminal  (vlc has to be in the executable search path)

$ vlc -H | grep avcodec-hw

The output should look like this on Linux

VLC media player Vetinari (revision
--avcodec-hw {any,vaapi,vdpau_avcodec,vaapi_drm,none}

On Windows I get the following output:

--avcodec-hw {any,d3dllva,dxva2,none}

That means you can use  either vaapi or vdpau_avcodec or  vaapi_drm on Linux and  d3dllva or dxva2 on Windows, respectively

The last one, for now, is the Acestream tab


The Acestream executable path can be specified interactively using the  "..."  button. This may be necessary if you have a non default installation of Acestream.

The disk cache size seems to only be effective on Linux. On Windows, the cache size can be set using Acestream's own "Options" dialog