11/21/20 19:12:12

New release: TV-Lite 0.2.1

Only a day has passed since  0.2.0 and I have to do another release. The reason is totally unrelated to the new features introduced by 0.2.0. 

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Today I have finally become annoyed by the Acestream error messages. I decided to have a careful look at the debug messages in the console. This time I quickly become aware of two problems.

First I discovered that Acestream was not stopping the stream after pressing the player's stop button. After investigating this for a while, I discovered that the HTTP request used for sending the stop command to Acestream was slightly malformed. I fixed this, and immediately after, I was able to see the libVLC messages showing  the stream stopped properly.

After dealing with the above issue,  I discovered that, sometimes, the Acestream response to the GET request was seen as totally void, although the respective temporary file was properly written by Curl. Investigated this also, and discovered a synchronization issue. Curl had no time to close the file where the response was downloaded, before the Acestream protocol handler tried to read it. Lots of "Error message from Acestream" popups would originate from this situation.

I decided that these fixes were importsnt enough to deserve a new release. Here you have it, the new TV-Lite 0.2.1 Enjoy!