11/20/20 14:26:50

New release: TV-Lite 0.2.0

Decided to keep the current pace. A couple of features and the required bugfixes should be enough for a new release. 

Categorie: General
Postat de: oberon

Finally implemented the missing persistence. Currently used for storing the geometry and state of the main window. The main window will now restore the size and position from the last program exit.

The aspect ratio is also persisted. Last aspect ratio setting will also be restored at program start.

The current time and the total length of the media is now displayed near the slider if possible (if the stream type features this data). Useful when watching movies.

BUG: Fixed a crash occurring when a certain channel did not feature any stream urls.

Added Turkish translation (many thanks to Cihan Alkan).

The link to the Windows install package can be found on the downloads page, along with some installation instruction for Linux.