August 1, 2022 at 10:01 PM

TV-Lite new releases on Linux: 0.7.2 - 0.7.4

Something happened in a short time after releasing 0.7.1. The wxWidgets framework got the first major update in 9 years! As exciting as it was, this broke the build on on the Arch based distributions so TV-Lite could not get passed the wxWidgets update. Also the current binary obviously could not be launched any more.

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This called for an immediate build fix, so, I had to launch 0.7.2 in a great hurry. Then, once the build has been fixed on the Arch based distros, unfortunately some regressions were signaled, and some layout fixes were necessary. Version 0.7.3 came in, 1-2 days later with the layout fixes. Also the "always on top" mini view behavior was fixed on Gnome and the Croatian language translation was updated (thanks gogo for reporting this bug and all your activity involving TV-Lite).

Some days ago I was trying to watch a VOD material, more exactly one of the ancient "Flatfoot" movies. I observed that I could not use the movie slider functionality any more. It occurred  to me this was another regression caused by the layout fixes. This triggered the need for the current 0.7.4 version.

Interesting enough, on Windows there were none of these annoyances. The current 0.7.1 version seems to have all the features in good shape. The Windows version is built using MSYS2 and the MINGW32 tools. The stable wxWidgets library is still 3.0.5 in their repos and, for a good reason, the fixes only affected the Linux builds.

Also Ubuntu still features wxWidgets 3.0.5 and we will most certainly not see any update to 3.2.0 till they release Ubuntu 22.10. But, all the Linux builds were affected by this "turmoil" so, to have a properly functioning TV-Lite, I recommend  updating to the current version. 0.7.4.