May 31, 2022 at 5:25 PM

TV-Lite New Release 0.7.0

I had a little more spare time and I was also eager to solve some small problems remaining from 0.6.8. The result was kind of unexpected. The new GUI changes made me increment the "mid" version number, and, behold, this is 0.7.0.


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I added a "major" new feature that was suggested in a comment from the previous article. The favorite channels list. Think of it like the bookmark list of any browser. One can add and manage a collection of favorite channels.

This is selectable from the "List types" area. I replaced the old style radio buttons with toggle buttons. The result can be seen below:


The favorites list behaves like the local lists. One can manually add, delete or modify channels  in it. The real "treat" is that one can "throw" here channels from any subscription or local list. All the user has to do is to right click the respective channel in the list and to click the new "Add to favorites" option.


The final target would be to have a collection of these favorite lists for each subscripton or local list. But right now I implemented only one, common list of "bookmarks" 

Another change is making the "Update all subscriptions" available at any time.  You can reach this through the menu or the subscription list dialog.



The operation of updating all subscription at startup is now optional. Can be disabled via the preferences dialog.


Apart from this, I tried to reduce the memory usage a little, where it was possible. I optimized the list handling even more that in 0.6.0 and tried to patch some memory leaks. Unfortunately. GTK+ seems a "lazy" memory user in terms of list views, since it seems to allocate memory, when necessary, but it does not deallocate it. Also VLC likes to "eat" quite a lot of memory, little by little, with every stream that it plays.
However there was some improvement. Displaying a list of more that 100 000 channels, would need only about half the memory it used in 0.6.8.




As usual, the Windows users should visit the download page to get this. The Linux users would get the update on the appropiate channels.