April 11, 2022 at 10:25 PM

TV-Lite New Release 0.6.6

A month has passed since the previous release. It's time for a new one.
This one has only one big improvement. It's about the speed of the M3U list parsing.

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More than a few TV-Lite users are employing this program together with Xtream Codes subscriptions. Do not forget the IPTV org list, which comes as one of the default lists when installing the program. Parsing the M3U lists was quite slow, and, as these lists can include tens of thousands of channels, slow parsing could be very annoying.
I decided to try and fix this problem. However I had to trade the reliability of the slow library method, for the alledged  increased performance of my own code.  I tested the fix on several URL's, looking for rendering (parsing) problems, but I have not spotted any, yet. However, glitches may pop out, as there are many malformed lists out there on the net. If you stumble across a crash, or some other oddity, please let me know. Please use the Gitlab issue tracker to report.

You will find it in the usual place https://tv-lite.com/downloads